Sifu Mario De Luca


Already in his childhood Mario De Luca became interested in various types of martial arts. At an early age he gained practical training experience in the areas of taekwondo, Thai boxing and karate.
At the end of the 80s he first came into contact with Leung Ting Wing Tsun (WT) and Escrima (Philippine stick fight). These types of martial arts inspired him in such a way that he wanted to open his own martial arts school and to become Sifu (father/ tutor). At the age of 15, Mario De Luca started to train Wing Tsun on a regular basis. His first Wing Tsun instructor was Sihing (older brother-tutor) Franz-J. Kleinjans.

Mario De Luca was so much inspired by his practical skills and human manner that he never missed training. Even today, Mario De Luca still holds good memories of him.

In 1991, Sifu Mario De Luca successfully passed the examination in Cologne to become Wing Tsun assistant.
In 1992, Sifu Mario De Luca passed the examination to become Wing Tsun assistant instructor.
Fascination for this kind of martial arts grew daily and in order to fulfil his dream of becoming a Wing Tsun teacher earlier, he decided to take private tutoring in addition to training at the evening classes. In the beginning of 1993, he successfully finished the examination to become Wing Tsun instructor. In the mid 1990s, Mario De Luca opened his first Wing Tsun academy in Düren where he gave lessons twice a week as a qualified Wing Tsun instructor. In a short period of time demand grew significantly and he decided to extend his offer at the academy.

In 1995, Sifu Mario De Luca finished a seminar with Sifu Randy Williams where he gained insights into the Wing Chun (WC) Gung Fu system.

In 1997, Sifu Mario De Luca met master Yip Chun from Hong Kong. He is the oldest son of the legendary Wing Tsun Grand Master Yip Man.
Sifu Mario De Luca completed a seminar with him and was given the opportunity to be instructed in the traditional wooden dummy techniques (Mok Yan Chon Fat) by the son of the Yip Man.

In the year 2000 at Schloß Langenzell, Sifu Mario De Luca received the trainer’s certificate of the EWTO.

4 Grand Masters (GM Leung Ting, GM Kernspecht, GM Rene Latosa and GM Bill Newman) met in Los Angeles from 19th to 23rd January 2000 where they conducted several seminars in which Sifu Mario De Luca took part.

At the end of 2000, Sifu Mario De Luca was awarded the EWTO – trainer 1 certificate.

The following year, Sifu Mario De Luca received the EWTO – trainer 2 certificate.

Since 2001, Mario De Luca gives full-time lessons in Wing Tsun, Escrima and Qigong five days a week at his martial arts academy together with his team of instructors, among them also his father.

Also in 2001, various masters met in Hockenheim conducting seminars in their particular kind of martial arts. Sifu Mario De Luca participated in workshops of Geoff Thompson, a well-known self-defence expert who was one of the first to recognise the psychological and sociological factors of self-defence. Furthermore, he attended seminars of Sunthus Supasturpong, one of the five top Muai Thai instructors in Thailand. In addition, Sifu Mario De Luca had the pleasure to experience special guest Hawkins Cheung who was also a Yip Man student and class-mate of Bruce Lee.

In 2001, Sifu Mario De Luca received private instruction from Wing Tsun master Frank Ringeisen, one of the highest-ranked masters of Wing Tsun.

Sifu Mario De Luca also successfully passed the EWTO – trainer 3 assessment in 2002.

In the years 2002 and 2003 he visited several private tutorials given by the Chinese Wing Tsung Grand Master Leung Ting.

In 2003, Sifu Mario De Luca participated in the seminar „strategy of self-defence“ conducted by Grand Master Kernspecht.

In 2004, he followed up with seminars on the subjects of „The history of the Wing Tsun system“ and „Chinese confidential societies and Kung Fu“ also held by Grand Master Kernspecht.

Sifu Mario De Luca received his EWTO – trainer 4 certificate in Munich in 2004.

Also in 2004, he participated in the seminars „psychology of the self protection I“ and „psychology of the self protection II“ with seminar leader and police psychologist Dr. Uwe Füllgrabe.
In 2005, after passing the examination, Mario De Luca was appointed Sifu of Wing Tsun by Grand Master Kernspecht.

In 2006, he was selected by his former teacher Sifu H. Remmel to become the coordinator for the area of North Rhine-Westphalia on the left side of the river Rhine and Bonn for Wing Tsun, Escrima and Qigong.

In 2009, Sifu Mario De Luca participated in the seminar “Doctrine of Jeet Kune Do” under seminar leader Sifu Tommy Carruthers.

In 2010, Sifu Mario De Luca flew to Brazil where he took part in a “seminar marathon”. In 15 days he finished 28 seminars which led him throughout the whole country. During his Brazil marathon, Sifu Mario De Luca has helped to train the Brazilian police force in self-defence techniques.

From 1999 to 2011, Sifu Mario De Luca took countless private lessons with his former tutor who instructed him in unarmed Wing Tsun including the long pole form Luk Dim Boon Kwan.

Since 2011 Sifu Mario De Luca is conducting Wing Tsun seminars for employees of the JVA (correctional facility) Euskirchen.

In 2012, Sifu Mario De Luca founded his own association, the Yip M.A.N. = Yip Martial Arts National together with his family and friends.

At regular intervals, Sifu Mario De Luca and his instructor team organise summer festivals at his martial arts academy for a beneficent purpose.

As a Yip M.A.N. Wing Tsun instructor Sifu Mario De Luca considers it his duty to further refine his knowledge and abilities. His skill and knowledge should be passed on to his students in a non-constraining and competent manner.

As Sifu it is important to him to assist his students with words and deeds in an open- minded fashion.

Sifu Mario De Luca

The execution of your Wing Tsun movement is a mirror of your soul.